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Biography, Shoa Malik
Shoa Malik, born in 1977 in Lahore, Pakistan, studied at one of the country’s pre-eminent creative alma maters, National College of Arts (NCA), and graduated top of her class in Graphic Design in 1999; a recipient of the Chughtai Award - a Presidential award given to the top performer (scholarship holder) spanning four academic years. After graduating, she joined a team of budding designers working at one of the top ad agencies in the country (Evernew Concepts), where she focused on print media and worked on campaigns for local and international brands that were seeking to launch and renew themselves into an increasingly cosmopolitan Pakistani market.

Shoa’s keen interest in layouts and UI design led her from the world of print media into web and software UI design, and after a stint as lead designer at one of Pakistan’s leading software houses (Techlogix Pvt. Ltd.), she emerged in 2006 with ShoaWorks, her independent design consultancy which has been providing graphic design services to a growing and varied clientele globally.

Shoa’s design aesthetic is minimalistic and intuitive – a quality that resonates with her clientele ranging from sectors as varied as financial institutions to health care providers, and educational institutions to event management organisations.

Alongside the conventional corporate design consultant image that Shoa has maintained – her art has been running in parallel, with pieces being displayed and exhibited with fellow peers in Pakistan. Art to Shoa has always been the culmination of ideas and communication - ‘a form of expression that can be as specific or as vague as the soul desires - the zenith of the piece being its ability to convey the emotion within'.

In the art displayed and sold over the years, Shoa has developed a style of blending Conceptual, Abstract and Pop into appropriation art creating a unique tapestry and signature, at times controversial for either its simplicity or brashness but always engaging. Her work explores emotions and the fragility of the human condition, composing art from a distinctly modern Pakistani’s perspective – emotional, raw, and the uncertainty of the surrounding environment which would stun all but the human spirit which lives on despite the day-to-day hardships of people.

In her more recent ‘Elements’ series, Shoa portrays this frailty and the majesty of the elements that shape our world but despite this, at its heart - the human spirit endures.

Shoa travels frequently between Pakistan and the UK and currently works and resides in London, United Kingdom.

Shoa’s upcoming exhibitions in 2013 will be in London. Details to follow shortly.
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Shoa Malik
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